More Client Hash Code Errors

I cannot get the Get Client Has Code project to work.

I have been working in Chrome for the first two lessons and until now, have not had any problems. Then I had problems on the popup in the Update Work Items.

It was suggested I try IE, so I did get that installed. That’s worse. When I try and select a button, unlike in chrome which does select just that button, the selector for IE highlights the entire page and the selector ends up being . Not very useful. It doesn’t appear that IE works well.

I get mixed results on the forums and from co-workers. Some say IE works, some say Chrome works. Nothing is consistent.

I go back to Chrome and use a suggestion I received about doing k presses. I figured out the key presses I would need to do and converted that to a Type Into, starting from the TextArea with the comment.

“[k(tab)]” + “cc” + “[k(enter)]” + “[k(tab)]” + “[k(space)]” + “[k(space)]”

I get an error:

This is frustrating. I think the rest of the pieces are done but this part has been holding me up for days.

Any more ideas on how to get this to work?


Hi @jgoranso - For the pop up part you can use Send Hotkey in Chrome windows it will run perfectly fine(I guess you already did that :grinning:).
Did you try using Set text activity or you can use Type Into with Activate, Click before typing and Emply fiels and use Send Window Messages then it will work fine.

Hope it helps.

Here is my latest version. The Type Into TEXTAREA is what fails with the error above.

Thanks! UpdateWorkItem.xaml (9.9 KB)

@anmolk171, Thanks for the reply!

I don’t want to do EmptyField, because I start from there with keypresses and tab out of it to the combo box. That works fine. It’s the two space presses in a row that might be causing problems? Is there a way to specify a delay between key presses? I do put a 150ms delay but it doesn’t seem to do anything, so I was wondering if there was a command in the Type Into that would cause a delay.


@jgoranso - Yes there is and here is the screenshot attached for the same. Make it between 600-800

In Set Comments with Hash Code activity leave your selector as just: <webctrl tag='TEXTAREA' /> since you are inside an attach browser activity you dont need to use full selectors and for the select you need: <webctrl tag='SELECT' />

Yes. ::smacks head::

However, it can’t have SimulateType or SendWindowMessages or it doesn’t do delay.

I did get it to work and watch it do a delay as it clicks through. It fails on the “[k(space)]” items so is that incorrect?

I will keep looking.


@jgoranso- Use this. It works fine for me but in Google webpage.

Thanks! I got past that using [k(enter)] as it mimics space. So it does what I want it to do.

Now I’m having problems with closing the pop up? It does not close automatically on the verify save item, so I have to close it in some way.

Still working on that.