More clicks after the right click on one element

Hello everyone, I would like to continue clicking on one element after the right click. does anyone have an idea which activity i can use in studio?
see example test step in the attachment

i use right click like This:

Try with send key Shift/F10


Use recorder to record the steps to get the required selectors


Or, when creating the selector the ‘classic’ way, use F2 to pause selection. THis will give you a few seconds to trigger any clicks that precede it. Especially usefull for context menu’s like that.


  • swith on the mode capture your selector
  • hit F2
  • do your right click
  • wait for the F2 timer to pass
  • record your selector

@Anil_G recorder ist not work with my application. i use Computer Vision in Studio

@TP2B Shift + f10 select only first element. but i can not scroll to any element

sure, but the selector is available, when the drop down is visible. At least in my XAML

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