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Hello UiPath Community Team, hello community,

in my opinion there should be more movement of names in the monthly forum reward. So I suggest that someone who has been in the top ten for three months should sit out for three months, regardless of whether that is without or with interruptions. That means that he/she will not receive a nomination for three months, regardless of his activities during that time. I think that on this way there will be a little more motivation to share knowledge, which is what contests in general are for. Otherwise you might get the impression that it is always the same names anyway, and then it’s no fun anymore.

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Hi @StefanSchnell / @loginerror / @Pablito

I second that thought. And I am sure this will only motivate all forum members to contribute equally.

OR I suggest another alternative:

If there is a repeat winner, they select a solution they enjoyed reading and learning in the last few months and the voucher they won will be rewarded / forwarded to the author of the solution.

Some of the answers in the month of September were so well articulated. I can start with my own second voucher and would love to forward it to @codemonkee.


Thank you for this suggestion @StefanSchnell!

This is indeed something that we anticipated. Fortunately, the scoring table only considers 1 month of activity and as such anyone can win/get to top 10 spot each month (@rahulsharma is the prime example here).

The simple fact here is that we have a group of highly dedicated users who are extremely consistent in their contributions and is the fact that they are this dedicated an actual reason to “timeout” them from the rewards?

This is why I would personally keep it as it is, but it is not set in stone by any means. Let’s discuss.

Technically, there is nothing stopping any of the winners from using the vouchers for any community initiative of their choice (giving it away directly to someone else, either privately or with a public mention, creating a contest to distribute it, etc), this at least for the UiPath Giftshop voucher codes (I’d have to check if that is easily done for the rewards for places 1-5 as well).


Hello Maciej,

what is the real benefit of running the fastest people in the world every month over and over again and having the same first ten always finish in different orders over and over again?

Let us think about the other participants of this community. Give them a chance too.

On the one hand a sense of “we” is built up, on the other hand the “I” is rewarded for doing the most. That’s why I suggest sharing trophies as well, because the “we” is in the foreground.

In my opinion that would make this community more livable, sharing knowledge and successes.

Thanks and best regards


We discussed it a bit and we will make some changes. Thus, starting from the second win, each user will get a chance to skip on their reward.

However, to keep things fair for everyone, we won’t allow the nominations. Instead, each skipped reward will bring places 11, 12, etc on the scoreboard (if 2nd place winner skips the reward, the 3rd place will receive the 2nd place reward and 11th place will receive the 10th place reward).



Hello Maciej,
Thank you very much and best regards

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