🌟 Monthly Forum rewards - December 2021

:star2: Monthly Forum rewards - December 2021

Welcome to our December edition of the Monthly Forum rewards.

We are extremely grateful to have all of you dedicate your time and share your expert knowledge. You are the inspiration to other users, and you are actively helping us build our Community. We want to wish you a Happy New Year and all the best in 2022!

In December, our top contributors helped a lot of users with their issues and contributed to the Tutorials category with new topics and feedback on the existing ones. The spam flagging activity has also picked up a lot this month, which we appreciate a lot because it helps us keep our Forum free from those spam topics.

The users who secured themselves the top 3 positions were @kirankumar.mahanthi1, @Yoichi and @Jobin_Joy.

You can read all the great contributions to our Tutorials category. You can read December submissions here.

Thank you all for your contributions. The new month has already started and we will continue rewarding consistent, high-quality contributions each month. Go ahead and share your knowledge to earn your winning spot next month! :computer: :star:

Why is there top 25 this time if only top 10 gets rewards?

Only the top 10 are certain of their rewards at this point.

However, last month’s changes made it possible for places outside of top 10 to possibly also get a reward. As a side effect, it also made managing the entire scoreboard a complicated task due to different choices that the original winners can make :sweat_smile: So this time, we want to get you the rewards quicker and thus you can see the top 25 now :slight_smile:

To recap those changes mentioned last month - users in top 10 can either:

  • choose to pass their reward to the next person in line (this will move all the rewards down according to the scoreboard)
  • choose one of the Certification discount vouchers instead - we have 3 of each type of certification, 6 in total (this means that their original reward will also get passed to other users automatically).
    Users who opted for a certification discount voucher in the past cannot choose it again.

The top 10 winners will have until the end of this week to declare themselves (either via a private message or by replying below), so until 2022-01-16T22:59:00Z.

Users from places 11-25 are free to let us know their potential reward preference (either via a private message or by replying below). This can be one of the discount vouchers for the Certification, a UiPath Giftshop Voucher (once again, this all depends on the choices of the users in the top 10, but it would help us finalize the scoreboard quicker) or a declaration to pass on the reward to the next person as well.

The entire top 25 will receive the badge though :slight_smile:

The winners! :star2:

:tada: :fireworks: It is therefore with great pleasure that we get to announce our winners for UiPath Forum contributions in December 2021!

LIST OF WINNERS (last update: 31 March 2022)

@Yoichi, @ppr, @StefanSchnell and @jeevith have passed on their rewards to other users.
This means that @codemonkee , @Robinnavinraj_S, @Sudharsan_Ka and @postwick will also receive a reward.

The top 25 of our rewards is completed with @Gokul001, @Steven_McKeering and @dokumentor claiming certification vouchers.

We will now continue to contact users outside of top 25 to distribute the remaining vouchers for this month (1 x associate and 2 x advanced).

(entries in bold in the Reward Type column were confirmed with the user and are permanent)

Place Winner Reward Reward Type Country
1 @kirankumar.mahanthi1 200$ Gift card :india:
2 @Yoichi 150$ Passed on the reward :jp:
3 @Jobin_Joy 150$ Gift card :india:
4 @pikorpa 125$ Gift card :poland:
5 @Palaniyappan 100$ Gift card :india:
6 @ppr 70$ Passed on the reward :de:
7 @Srini84 75$ Gift card :india:
8 @pravin_calvin 70$ Gift Shop voucher :india:
9 @StefanSchnell 70$ Passed on the reward :de:
10 @jeevith 70$ Passed on the reward :norway:
11 @codemonkee 70$ Gift Shop voucher :canada:
12 @Robinnavinraj_S 70$ Gift Shop voucher :india:
13 @Sudharsan_Ka 70$ Gift Shop voucher :india:
14 @postwick 70$ Passed on the reward :us:
15 @THIRU_NANI 70$ Gift Shop voucher :india:
16 @prasath_S - - :india:
17 @BalaManikanta_007 - - :india:
18 @Jeroen_van_Loon - - :netherlands:
19 @pavithra_pavi - - :india:
20 @Bohdan_Ovcharenko1 - - :ukraine:
21 @Gokul001 - Certfication Discount
22 @Steven_McKeering - Certfication Discount
23 @Dr_Raza_Abidi_PhD - - :pakistan:
24 @arivu96 - - :india:
25 @dokumentor - Certfication Discount
27 @shreyash_shirbhate - Certfication Discount
32 @tainan.ramos - Certfication Discount
46 @Divyanshu_Divyanshu - Certfication Discount


We will now contact each winner individually to distribute the rewards.
Each of them will also be granted a special badge for their achievement.

The rewards table also contains the column with a country. It has been pre-filled based on each user’s profile when available. If your country flag is missing or wrong, feel free to let us know and we will update it :slight_smile:


congratulations all the winners :clap: keep continue the same :slight_smile:



Congratulations to all winners :sparkles: :champagne:


Congratulations to all the winners. :boom: :+1: :gift:



Congratulations Guys! :hugs:


Wow :smiley: I’m in the top 10 :hugs:
Congratulations to everyone ! :+1::clap::tada:


Hi @loginerror,

I would like to pass the reward forward to the next in line. I have only so many collegues who I can gift T-shirts to!

Very nice to see some unique answers from @Robinnavinraj_S last month. Keep up the great work.


Thank you to all the winners for your effort to making this community a place of high quality information sharing.
:clap: :clap: :clap:
It’s great to be a part of this community. :smiley:


Heartful Congratulations to All the winners. All are well deserved. And also thank you very much for all the forum members for their great support and knowledge sharing. Thanks to UiPath forum team for the rewards. All the best for all the members for the upcoming rewards.


Congratulations @pravin_calvin. well deserved and hats off to your dedication and getting placed top 10 in fourth consecutive row i guess.


Thank you very much @StefanSchnell for your great tutorials.


Many many congratulations to all the winners! :tada:

Happy to see new superstars entering the leaderboard. :star2:

Big kudos to @StefanSchnell for planting the seed of idea to let winnners pass on the rewards and UiPath community team, especially upfront warriors @loginerror @Pablito to consider and introduce this amazing idea in the Monthly Forum Rewards, this motivates a lot of members.


Thank you @arivu96 :blush:


Heartfelt congratulations to all winners :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for all forum members for sharing unique knowledge.


Congratulations to all winners :star_struck:


thank you @pavithra_pavi for your great tutorials and congratulations.


congratulation to everyone.


Thank you!!!, and its a pleasure to make a such tutorial


Congratulations to all the winners :tada::confetti_ball::partying_face::clap::clap: