🌟 Monthly Forum Rewards - August 2023

Welcome to our August 2023 edition of the Monthly Forum rewards.

It’s truly heartening to witness the outstanding contributions from all our monthly awarded community members, as they passionately support each other month after month. August brought two exceptional users into the spotlight, and I’m sure you can guess who they are! :blush: This month, @Anil_G, with his remarkable efforts, secured an impressive count of 132 solutions , reclaiming the long-standing first-place title—a truly fantastic achievement! Not too far behind, the second-place champion, @Yoichi, displayed his incredible skills by providing 104 solutions . And @ppr , who regained a position in the top three, secured third place with 85 solutions.

It’s remarkable to observe the dynamic changes in the leaderboard with fresh and continuous contributions from our community members: @Shiva_Nikhil and @Nguyen_Van_Luong1.

Kudos to all the winners for their exceptional contributions!

As always, you can read August Vote on Tutorials category entries submissions here. You can vote up the ones you think should reach our main Tutorials category (you can read more about it here).

The winners! :star2:

LIST OF WINNERS (last update: 28 August 2023) :tada: :fireworks:

It’s therefore, with great pleasure that we get to announce our winners for UiPath Forum contributions in August 2023!
(entries in bold in the Reward Type column were confirmed by the user and are permanent)

Place Winner Reward Reward Type Country
1 @Anil_G 200$ Gift card :india:
2 @Yoichi 150$ Passed on the reward :jp:
3 @ppr 125$ Passed on the reward :de:
4 @Vikas_M 150$ Gift card :india:
5 @Shiva_Nikhil 125$ Gift card :india:
6 @mkankatala 100$ Gift card :india:
7 @Parvathy 75$ Gift card :india:
8 @lrtetala 70$ Gift Shop voucher :india:
9 @rlgandu 70$ Gift Shop voucher :india:
10 @supermanPunch 70$ Gift Shop voucher :india:
11 @Nguyen_Van_Luong1 70$ Passed on the reward :vietnam:
12 @postwick 70$ Gift Shop voucher :us:
13 @pravallikapaluri 70$ Gift Shop voucher :india:
14 @nikhil.girish :us:
15 @vrdabberu :india:
16 @Quenton_Wayne_Rebello :india:
17 @Praveen_Mudhiraj :india:
18 @B_H_Akshatha_Pai :india:
19 @efelantti :finland:
20 @neha.upase
21 @Usha_Jyothi
22 @supriya117
23 @Arvind_Kumar1 :india:
24 @adiijaiin :india:
25 @tazunnisa.badavide


Distributing rewards

As always, the starting point is that only the top 10 users are certain of a reward and the entire top 25 receives the badge :slight_smile:

We will send each user from the top 25 a private message with a form to fill in to be able to collect all replies in a timely fashion and lock in the final distribution of the rewards. Winners will have until 2023-09-26T00:00:00Z to fill in the form.

No reply by this date will default to you passing on the reward to the next user in line.

:bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang: Update 27 September 2023

:loudspeaker: :loudspeaker: Your voices have been heard and we are thrilled to announce an exciting enhancement to our Monthly Forum Rewards! Starting from October 1st and running through January 31st, we’re introducing extra prizes to acknowledge your valuable solutions, as you support and help your fellow community members.

This initiative aims to inspire you to actively participate, share your knowledge, and provide solutions to our community questions. Your contribution will not only help others but also open up opportunities for you - to further your professional development :rocket: !

We will offer you a rotating selection of 4 specialized UiPath certifications to the leading 15 contributors who fulfill the 30 solutions, as a minimum requirement, each month. This means there will be fresh certification options every month, to keep you motivated with your solutions given.

To sum up, we will give out the 100% certification vouchers on top of the standard rewards, to the TOP 15 contributors with minumim 30 solutions given.

Interested in discovering which certifications will be available? Keep an eye out! We’ll reveal the certification choices in mid-October.

If you’re already certified and happen to be one of the winners, don’t worry. You’ll have the freedom to share the voucher with anyone you prefer, as long as they are a member of the UiPath Community.

We can’t wait to see your remarkable contributions and engagement during this enhanced Monthly Forum Rewards initiative. Let’s make the next four months memorable! :heart_eyes:

Thank you :heart:

Thank you all for your contributions. The new month has already started and we will continue rewarding consistent, high-quality contributions each month. Go ahead and share your knowledge to earn your winning spot next month! :computer: :star:

PS. The rewards table also contains a column with a country. It has been pre-filled based on each user’s profile when available. If your country flag is missing or wrong, feel free to let us know and we will update it :slight_smile:

Any feedback? :slight_smile:

Feel free to share below any constructive feedback about our Monthly Forum Rewards. We’re always looking to improve.


Congratulations everyone :slight_smile:



Congratulations Everyone ,
Special shout out to @Anil_G for maintaining same pace


Hi @loredana_ifrim @UiPath_Community

Can you please confirm with the proper name of 5th candidate that is actually @Shiva_Nikhil



Congratulations Everyone! :smiley:


Hearty Congratulations Everyone :clap: :clap:

Well done @Anil_G , @Shiva_Nikhil , @mkankatala , @Usha_Jyothi , @neha.upase …keep going

Nikhilesh Sathyavarapu


:star_struck:Thank you @nikhilesh578


Thank you @nikhilesh578 :innocent:

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thanks, we’ve amended the s :hugs:


Congratulations everyone :tada:


:partying_face: Hats off to all of you! :tophat:


Thank you @nikhilesh578 :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @nikhilesh578

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Congratulations to all the winners :tada:
Well done guys :clap:


Congratulations Everyone!

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Hearty Congratulations Forum Leaders… @Anil_G , @Shiva_Nikhil
Cheers :clap:


congratulations Everyone :clap: :clap:

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Congratulations :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Thank you @Anil_G and @Vikas_M , You both have been helping me a lot lately
Well deserved! :partying_face: :partying_face: