Month intervals

I really need your help
Am doing a project that needs me to export excel files from a site at an interval of dates(6months). using type into where we have startdate and endate to type into
So start date is 1/02/2020 and should go all the way upto the current date.
This should be done in intervals of 6 months, ie 1/02/2020 +6 months i export, then again the start date changes to the date after 6 months ie now the start date becomes (1/02/2020 +6 months)

Any help on how i can achieve this

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lets assume this date as string in M/dd/yyyy and we want to calculate the +next 6 month we can do:

When it is in dd/MM/yyyy format (we guess thats your case) we can do:

and we can also modify the expected / needed formats when different patterns are to handle

Sorry,its in “MM/dd/yy” format
Are we going to use any loop to it to keep incrementing and startdate to change?

Can this also apply if format is"MM/dd/yy"?

No problem as we gave already
“MM/dd/yy” - CDate(“01/02/2020”) - second January 2020

Kindly note the shown immediate panel is also available for you and you do your own experiments:

depending on your details and the flow you want to target

Its working, .Addmonths(6)

However i still don’t get how i can use loop or what i can use to iterate

you should clear some more details:
So start date is 1/02/2020 and should go all the way upto the current date.
so it will come to date with the AddMonths(6) which will before today (16.09.2022) but adding again 6 months will be in the future

However for a simple start set the loop up with a do while loop

yess, the last one the enddate should be the current date
In the do while what will be the condition?

we simplified to a while loop by following:

And got in the logs:

Woow, thank you soo much, so if i want to type into the fields(startdate, enddate) I still put the type into inside the while loop?

Just try to do it and progress in iterations to the targeted result. Inside the loop block, we do see start date / end date so the relevant info is available