Hi, I´m trying to use a robot to monitore a investment, por exemplo a paper called CPTS11. I´d like to receive a message every time the value UP or DOWN.
I´m trying to use Element Attribute Change trigger, but it´s not function.
SOmeone has a tip to solve this problem?

Hello @Rodrigo_Fraga ,

Can you please show us how you are currently using the Event trigger?


Assuming you’re looking at a web page…refresh the page, Get Text the value. Then it’s just logic. Before you get the value again, store the previous value in a separate variable. Then all you have to do is compare the previousValue and currentValue variables.

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Another way of doing is if the website provide any API you can trigger that using HTTP request and also you can compare the previous request with the current result

Hope this may help you


Did you try using innerText instead of aaname.
I’m asking because, aaname is a Uipath selector attribute, while innerText is an attribute of the page element you want to monitor.


Both are properties that you can get with Get Attribute. aaname and innerText are frequently the same.

ok, I thought about this, but I´ll need to create a loop to monitoring this information each 1 second for exemplo. The initial idea was monitoring the attribute to show each time change information.