Monitoring BOT Processes running on Scheduler instead of Orchestrator

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We have set up Scheduler to run the process in our project instead of running in Orchestrator. We have double jump virtual remote server set up so that at any point of time the session where BOT is running doesn’t time out.
Earlier there used to be weekend server patch activities due to which Bot used to stop too. We have then made changes to triggers in scheduler to run the process only during weekdays. It worked fine.
Now the problem is, Robot service is ending abruptly at any time of week. This has happened many times recently. We dont know about it unless its reported.

Is there a way to automate monitoring of Bot service so that if its stopped, there be a notification. Is this possible in UIpath? Please advise.


Yah of course we got an option to handle this with ALERT option
kindly have a view on this set them up

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Hi Palaniyappan,

Thank you for the suggestions, but here Orchestrator is used in suggested links. We are not using Orchestrator in our project for processing, just normal System Scheduler. Is there a way to monitor that?

We do have notification set up in place for process failure , logging bot activities. But not when bot is not working.

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No worries
then we need to check whether there is setup in your system scheduler
I would suggest to go for orchestrator that keeps the alert process robust and precise as well
We can include a community edition of orchestrator to get this done
To get community edition of orchestrator we can get that from
Under service tab
—login with your common gmail authentication and click on the service tab
For More details on it
How to create a cloud account (a new tenant) in new uipath cloud orchestrator

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Thank you Palani.

Is this advisable in real life production scenario.


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Yah of course
Cheers @Mahenaz