Monitoring an attachment in Web app and scrape data

Hi I am a newbie to UIpath, I have a requirement where a bot should copy customer and order information to a procurement website and monitor the procurement web app to see if a Vendor has responded with a quote. Once a quote is received I have to open the attachments and scrape the vendor name and quote into different fields in the order application and send an email to the agent for review.

I have done the copying details from order management to procurement management which triggers the request quote.

Now I need to monitor the vendor mgmt web application to every 1 hour to see if an attachment has been received for the quotes and scrape the attachment. When we receive the quotes the status of the application changes. I would like to use the RE framework, monitor the bots for failure, generate logs and use some reports to measure the success. This has to be unattended bot, how do I do this?

  1. do I have to create two projects/bots one to copy information to vendor management and then another one to monitor the vendor mgmt web app for the quotes?
  2. how do I monitor and open the attachment to scrape the data from .pdf and .csv file?
  3. can I run two bots on the standard machine?

Please give me a high level design of how can I accomplish a requirement like this using uipath.


  1. You dont really have to, you could use in directed arguments to tell the process which action to take, BUT i would create two separated projects for better management of development
  2. Since i dont know the web app or the attachments, is hard to suggest approach
  3. you can run more than one robot in the same machine, but usually not a t the same time, unless in more complex scenarios, but in your case you might use just one robot to run both your process

Thanks for your quick response.

  1. I will keep two separate process.
  2. The web application has two attachment fields, that has two vendor status field that changes the radio button value to Yes when a quote is received from each corresponding vendor. I need to monitor this radio button either by logging in using the bot periodically or invoke a bot when the status changes to Yes through API and open the received .pdf and scrape the $amount… hope this explains it a bit. what activities are involved? Open attachment? OCR?
  3. If I have one bot, how do I schedule two different jobs a. placing the quote b. checking the scrapping the data? how do I handle this orchestrator? sorry I am new… trying to get a start on this.


  1. If the wep app has an API, this will always be better option but if you need to monitor a lot, then you may want to not use a robot for this, as it will halt its use for other processes you may want to run
    2.1. The process of the pdf will depend on its type, image or text… But will need to install uipath pdf activities
  2. Schedule jobs in orchestrator will be easy, as long as you have your 2 processes published and decide their times to run.

Thanks again, regarding the pdf document it is combination of image and text. But the data that I am interested is always text in that document and format will not change. How do we extract this? if it is text from pdf, we dont need ocr?

If when you open this pdf in a pdf viewer like Acrobat, if you can select the text, you dont need ocr, if it is a source like a scan then you may need ocr…

Awesome, is there a way to load test the bots to measure the performance?

i guess only after you have your process finished…