Monitor the internet connection simultaneously

Hi all,

I have created a automation which is interacting the with different web applications. I have also created a workflow to check the internet connection. But my problem is parallel activity is not actually executing the both workflow simultaneously.
I want to regularly check the internet connection while automation is running and stop the automation if there any network issue comes.

Do anyone how can do this in Uipath?

@AMAN_GUPTA Try below statement it return whether ur system is connected to internet or not.


@Manjuts90 Hi Sorry for the late reply I have already tried this statement and able check to internet connection. My problem is to check internet connection simultaneously in back end when automation performing other tasks as well and if there is some problem with internet connection automation immediately stops.

As much as I can say,

You can put your whole automation code in a Do while loop, which will continously perform ur tasks. The moment the condition satisfies it will end the loop and can terminate the process flow.

Here, u need to handle the situation to avoid infinite looping.

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