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I created a simple Library that has a activity that logs information using the web services to de-serialize a json file. If I have a project I want to use this activity in that use’s a different build of the web Package, what is the best way to handle this? The idea was to make a Library that had several of our internal Activities grouped in one. However I am not sure of the best way to proceed with conflicts of build versions. I tried using the use lowest compatible version of web services, but I still get an error stating there might be a conflict. Ideas thoughts ect…?

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Kind of a shot in the dark since I think this is related to other things, but does the project you’re implementing the Library into have any of the same packages already in it? I had an issue where packages like UiPath.System.Activities, UiPath.Automation.Activities, etc, were causing problems since they had higher versions than were capable in my UiPath Studio since it’s been auto disabling my package feeds. Check to be sure your Official and Go! feeds are enabled, if the Library requires a higher package level than your feeds allow it could be causing the error…

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Where do I find the feeds you mentioned? The automation I am trying to use in my Library uses the web services library. I did the following.

  1. Set RuntimeRule: Lowest Applicable for UiPath.Web.Activities in my library
  2. Set specific runtime version for project loading my library that also has UiPath.Web.Activities in it

If you don’t need the UiPath.Web.Activities in the Project loading the aside from within the Library Activities, don’t include it in the calling Project. When you add the Library Package it will download any required Packages, so having both of these (despite your setup that SHOULD be correct) can cause conflicts. I would avoid overlapping Packages if you can.

The feed is located in the “Manage Packages” Window under the “Settings” tab. You will see the default feeds on the top area, make sure “Official” is enabled, but seeing as you’ve added the UiPath.Web.Activities Package, it should be enabled already.

The next thing I would try, is in your Library, I would try and make sure the default Packages (UiPath.System.Activities, UiPath.Automation.Activities, etc) all match the version from your calling Project. I’ve had issues where despite setting them to “Lowest Applicable” they still encountered errors that prevent the Library from being accessible within the calling Project. I had to just remake the Library, I just pasted all the .xaml files in the new Library and didn’t play with the Package versions and it fixed itself.

I hope some of this blurb can help you figure out why you’re getting conflict errors!

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