Modular programming approach



Hi Team,

I have few clarification on execution time of UiPath project:

If I create Main module(.xaml) and from main module I am calling another Module(sepearate .xaml) and calling the two or more sub modules inside the module using invoke work flow by passing the arguments those were passed by main module.
How the total execution time vary in this case?
What are all the points to be considered while dividing the module?
Is invoke workflow will have any impact since we are passing arguments on multiple modules?
what is the time complexity for the invoke workflow?

What is the significance of creating the submodules and passing the arguments since those are not returning the output?



@ovi @badita @ddpadil @aksh1yadav
could you please help me on this?


You need to decide between efficiency and simplicity. Follow UiPath’s ReFramework guide for starters - we can’t give you all the answers :wink:


Hi @richarddenton,

It’s fine. I think reframe work doesn’t give explanation on time complexity in calling module within a module.
I need this for some kind analysis.