Modular Process/Workflow Design within Orchestrator

I’ve built a modular SQL Template that based on a config file populates a queue/exports a CSV determined by my Config.json file within the process I’m building. Am I able to make processes that utilize this workflow reference the most updated version of that template in Orchestrator? Or do I have to manually link the workflow to the process I’m building and publish it to the Orchestrator?

This is mainly beneficial if a change were to happen to the process that would break it, I’d like to be able to update the SQL Template, publish it, and have it span the update across all workflows that are currently utilizing it. This would be far faster than updating the SQL Template, and then republishing each of the workflows that use it to the Orchestrator.

That would be great if this was possible. If not, if you have any workarounds you’re using to extend the modularity of your design process, please feel free to share!

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