Modifying HTTP header - possible?

Hi, I am hitting a web portal to engage some automation in it.
The application team wants to identify if the specific request is hit by BOT?

Is there any possibility of us modifying the Request Header value before hitting the website which makes them identify the request is hit by BOT? Any help is appreciated.

Note : we are not making any API calls with that URL.


@Pradeep.Robot - pls provide few more details along with few details -
As per my understanding - you did an automation for a web application hosted (like http://…)
dev team wants to identify the web/page request type is coming from BOT or from a normal user?
is it correct??

if yes -
1 - if page having a login related functionality - create a robot base user and monitor
2 - you can append a querystring to the url like ‘&reqid= (keep a strict sha1+specificnumber’ )
and validate the reqid in master/layout…

no - pls provide details…