Modifying existing DataTable/ Adding new Column dynamically

I have a DataTable say DT1 with 3 columns. When i work on the first workflow, i get the values for 3 workflow. Next, after getting the values in DT1 > I am invoking another workflow by sending DT1 as an argument. In the invoked workflow , I am iterating DT1 and getting some more values. I have to modify the existing values in DT1 as well as add additional 2 more columns to add the values in the second workflow.

Should i create a new DT2 in the second workflow and pass to third one? or i can modify the DT1 in the second workflow and pass it to third one? Please advice the best approach and a solution for it.

@Pradeep.Robot Approach would be simple use Add data column activity to add columns into datatable

Will try that activity and try to modify the existing values as well. Do you have any sample xamls using this?