Modifying Custom Activities built using Activity Creator

What is best way to amend/update a previously created custom Activity?
I mean lets say we created a custom activity. published it and used in UI path project but in future if need anything changing or more logic need adding then is it a case of make change publish the package again and remove existing activity from UIpath project and re add the new one.

What is best practice to achieve this. is there a way so that you publish new package and UIpath project automatically updates it when new version available or something?

will appreciate any suggestions?

UiPath works with versions for each of its activities, so if you create an activity it will initially have version 1.0.0, if you change that activity, you will need to change the version to 1.0.1 (Example).

This is the Basics, but if you have a Devops tool, you can create a CI / CD for your projects, here Publish Packages to orchestrators with Azure DevOps you have a good practice to control and keep these histories more organized.

I hope this helps you.

Hi Jorge,
it feels like what you explained is actually maintaining UI path packages.
Correct me if I’m wrong. I was after If I create a CUSTOM activity using Visual studio 2019 and use that activity in my UI path project. then if I had to make any change to activity again in VS2019. how I can update new Custom Activity in current UI Path project.

Sorry, I believe I misunderstood you.

Currently I used only the UiPath Extension for visual studio, where it allows me to visually create my activity, create variables, apply their types and even allow me to create an Icon for my activity.

But this same visual interface doesn’t allow you to edit, at least that’s what I’ve been able to understand so far. So when I need to adjust the activity, as I have a knowledge of programming, I can go to the point where it needs to be adjusted manually.

Then I publish my package and add it to my Development Orchestrator for testing.

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