Modify text - two variables

Hi, I want to modify the text and save it in two variables.
Text: month year
Variable 1: month
Variable 2: year
How can I do this? I know to use modify text, but how to save it in two variables?

Hi @sullivanne

=> Assign -> Text = August 2023
=> Assign -> Variable1 = Text.Split(" ")(0).Trim
=> Assign -> Variable2 = Text.Split(" ")(1).Trim

You can check the below workflow for better understanding.

Hope it helps!!

Hello @sullivanne

You can Simply Try this

  1. Assign
    To: month
    Value: YourTextInput.Split(" "c)(0)

  2. Assign
    To: year
    Value: YourTextInput.Split(" "c)(1)

Thaaaaank You very much! :star_struck: :star_struck:

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Thank you @sullivanne

Happy Automation!!

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