Modify a robot in the orchestrator

Hi all,

I am a UiPath Community version user who wants to use the demo version of the orchestrator as a test.
I have already one robot created on the orchestrator since a while but I have changed of computer.

Hence, I would like to change the “Machine” in the robot description but the field seems locked. Is it possible to enable it ? Or should I create an other robot.

In this second case, I am facing an other problem: “no available licences: the number of new machine slots would exceed the total licence count”

Thank you in advance.



Hello @QuentinPrevost,

If you have logged in as a tenant then you can have a limited number of robots created at a time.
The limits is 2 if i’m correct.
Try changing the type from non production to developement!

Thanks, it worked !


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Happy Automation!