Modern view how to exit if splunk search not selected

Hi All, i have to let user to input from splunk timefilter option itself within 10 seconds if not entered in 10 second it has to exit the execution. seeking your expertise on how to achieve it.

Hello @Sathish_Ashokan

Sequence Name: SplunkUserInput

  1. Delay Activity

    • Duration: 10000 (milliseconds)
  2. Get Queue Items

    • QueueName: “YourQueueName”
    • Filter: “CreationTime >= DateTime.Now.AddSeconds(-10)”
  3. Flow Decision

    • Condition: queueItems.Any()
  4. If Condition is True (Input Received)

    • Process the user input based on your requirements.
  5. If Condition is False (No Input)

    • Terminate Workflow Activity
      • Specify a message to indicate that no input was received.

Thanks & Cheers!!!

is timefilter a textbox?

if it is you can do something like this…

  1. delay 10 seconds timespan.FromSeconds(10)
  2. get text of timefilter
  3. if its empty, do nothing to exit, else continue

thanks it works but how to exit if no selection? and also aaname will be last 1 minute as it is default selection so it wont be empty sir how to find aaname other than 1 min

try use get text activity to read the value of the dropdown

in the selector click open ui explorer

then in the selector remove the properties e.g. aaname/text etc… because the value can change

now that you have the text value, check if text value = default, if yes then exit

thanks alot for detailed answer, how to exit in btw the sequence if it is loop i can use break here its in the main sequence.

yes you can @Sathish_Ashokan

How to exit from main sequence? what activity we need to use?

terminate workflow activity

It is asking for exception do I need surround get text with try catch?

you have a try activity without catch,

click add new exception

select system.exception