(Modern) How to specify click image offset

Before modern, we could just use the recorder and it would give us a simple clicking method to specify an image to click AND its offset. The modern Click activity doesn’t do any of this, the new selector editor doesn’t do this, and the recorder doesn’t seem to do this.

So how am I supposed to tell it I want it to click to the right of an image, without having to go through the tedium of trial-and-error manually entering and testing offsets?


You can use the green target placed by default, in the center of the selected image. Click it and drag it on the desired position. The offset is automatically calculated. Is available is the target is image, or ui element with a selector. Like this:

The offset needs to be outside the selected image. This is so that I can get it to click fields, relative to the position of their label (the image) in a Citrix application window. I tried this in Citrix and it worked. Thank you.

The green target can be set outside of the image as well.

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