Modern Folder - Unattended Floating Robot

Can anyone help? Floating robot status is not shown when leveraging modern folders. This is not allowing us to monitor our environment of robots available for automations.

Studio: 20.10.14
Robot: 20.10.6

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Hey @Robert_Schneider

Kindly check whether your robot is connected to Orchestrator.


Yes, that’s the strange behavior I am experiencing. When I log into the VDI it shows connected. When I log out of the VDI it shows no status. However, when a test job is executed it runs and the robot VDI connects then disconnects from Orchestrator. In standard folders, the robot is always “connected” and shows what robots are ready to execute a job.

As I am writing this, I’m thinking more about the “floating” machine template and thinking this might be expected behavior while the robot ID is not logged into its respective machine. My question then becomes, is it then suggested/recommended that the robot always have an active windows session to monitor its status? This feels wrong, but could be my current deployment and experience with assigned machine keys and robots?

I think you are really close. The modern folders allow you to dynamically allocate unattended runtimes. Thus, you have a machine template to which you assign the unattended runtimes and those are only allocated during execution.

For full context, in the latest version 21.10 it is resolved a bit better, as per this below example of our VM that runs some Forum automations:

Are you suggesting that the connection status remains even after the windows session is ended in the newest version?

Yes. The Orchestrator is connected to the robot service at all times and the latest UI changes make it more obvious.

With Modern Folders, it is the moment you start the process when the specific Cloud user is chosen to execute the process on the connected machine and when the actual log in to the machine with that user credentials will happen.

Thanks. We likely will remain on standard folders until we can identify / validate this behavior on modern folders. Curious, do the notifications for robot connections (disconnect, reconnect, unresponsive) still work with modern folders?

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