Modern Folder migration

we are starting to plan out our migration to modern folders, and I read in the documentation that all the packages need to be updated with the latest activity versions. How does that look like exactly? Is it just opening up each of them in Studio, updating and publishing again?

Is there any mass update tool? For the Orchestrator asset and process move I would use the Orchestrator Manager package, but not sure if anything like that is available for package update?

thank you


Have a look on this doc

Cheers @SSavickas

thank you, I saw this, but by any chance do you know how to get all the repositories in Azure DevOps? I can get it working for one, but not for everything, which defeats the purpose of a mass update tool.

Also, the documentation here says that the projects need to be recompiled using the new activities, from what I see, the mass update tool only updates the project.json file with the new required version. Is that really going to be enough?

Update - talked to Support, and changing the dependencies with the mass update tool is not enough, you still need to open them in Studio and update the activity packages there.

Also, if every project is a different repo, then mass update tool needs to be run for all of them one-by-one

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