Modern Extract Table Data Wizard removes only header, not column


I’m scraping the Acme system 1 work items page using the modern Extract Table Data activity. In the wizard it shows the option to delete a column/header from the scraped data. However, instead of deleting the entire column, it only deletes the header and the other headers shift, so the data is no longer aligned after that.

Is this a bug?

Documentation says this: “Each column can be individually edited or deleted, enabling you to customize your final table however you see fit.”

Based on this I assumed it would delete the entire column when clicking the bin icon.

Data before deleting “Actions” column:

Data after deleting “Actions” column:

Now the WIID’s are listed under the description column, and description under type etc.


Hi @EvelineL
instead of extracting it as whole table itslef, Can u try to extract column by column

That would be good approach i thonk

Nived N


Please upgrade the packages in Design tab-> Manage Pacakges → Project Dependencies


And give a try


First get all the columns with data scrapping
And get the output with a variable of type dt

Then use a assign activity like this to get the required columns you want

dt = dt.DefaultView.ToTable(False,”columnname1”,”columnname2”,…,”columnname an”)

This will give Only the mentioned column in the datatable dt

Cheers @EvelineL

Hi Palaniyappan,

Thank you, updating the packages resolved the issue! I now also see the “Edit extract Data” button which I was missing before, so that’s great!


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Glad @EvelineL

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