Modern Experience Recorder not working on smaller screens

Was wondering why using the Recorder function in the Modern Experience mode wasn’t working on the laptop. By not working I mean that it starts as a process, shows up in the task manager, but the UI doesn’t show up. When I alt+tab it shows up as a working process, but the interface is not there, pressing any of the hotkeys like F2 to pause does something, but the UI element just didn’t want to show up.

In the Classic Experience all the recording functions were working properly, just the unified Modern Experience Recorder was causing problems.

A bit of troubleshooting releaved that on the 14 inch laptop screen the recorder wouldn’t properly open, but when I connected it to the 24 inch monitor it ran with no problems, UI showed up and everything. Tried different monitors (it works on the 24 inch ones), different laptops (same 14 inch screen size), same problem on all the laptops, but no problems with the monitors connected. So the problem just boils down to the screen size and aspect ratio. ( Keep in mind that the resolution was 1080p on ALL the screens )

Please fix, thank you very much.

Hi @shmizer

Thank you for your feedback! Could you please provide:

  • the version of your Studio
  • the activity packages versions (mainly the UIAutomation one, and please check if having the latest preview fixes the issue)
  • the resolution of your screen (it’s already mentioned)

I can see in the documentation that some resolutions are not supported:

But it doesn’t mention the recording feature there nor that the monitor size would matter.

One more thing to check would be the Windows scaling options on that smaller screen.

Thx for the headsup, we’ll look into it.

But a few questions first:
Did you use the recorder on an external display?
When on an external display, could you try moving the recorder to the small screen, then close the recorder, disconnect the bigger display, and start recorder again? I think the recorder is there but its position is saved offscreen.

Followup: the bug is fixed in 21.10


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