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How can I wait until download is done in modern design?

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use the wait for download activity



Hello @A_Learner

Can use Wait for Download activity.

To understand how to use it, You can watch the below video.

Thanks so much @fernando_zuluaga and @Rahul_Unnikrishnan for providing correct pointers.

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The Wait for Download activity is very poorly designed. You can’t even designate the name of the file you’re waiting for, so a .tmp file as the download happens will make it think the download is complete.

Just write your own routine, it’s very easy.

Just set the Retry to wait a few seconds, and Retry a certain number of times, to make it wait however long you want. For example, 5 retries with a 5 second interval will give a maximum wait time of 25 seconds before an error is thrown.

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Great input! Will implement. Thanks much!

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Can you please share workflow

There is no workflow. It’s just what I posted in the screenshot. That’s all it takes is a Retry with Is True and File.Exists. I put it into a Try/Catch so that if the file doesn’t appear, it jumps to the Exception block. For my purposes I Throw an error message that the file didn’t appear, but you can do whatever you want in the Catch or not use the Try/Catch at all.

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