Modern Design: Use Excel File loads very slow

Hello everybody,

I am reaching out to the community since I am stuck with this problem:

I got several projects which have loading issues when using the ‘Use Excel File’ scope. It takes about 1,5 Minutes to open the Excel Files each time. I don’t understand what is taking Studio so long to open the files.

In rare cases it will only take seconds, but mostly it is 1,5 minutes.

The problems occur on Version 2021.4 and 2022.x (I would need to check the exact version, but it is not the newest release).

Does anybody have an idea what is going on and how to solve this?

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What is the formatting options you have chosen? can you try with different options and see if it helps?

Hello @nino.dy
try to use Workbook activity instead of excel application scope.
Otherwise Set show windows as false. I may reduce time.

Default formatting is used. Sometimes we use Read Only.

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I actually didn’t try this one yet, because in the documentation it writes that it only hides the window but still opens it.

Also I try to avoid Workbook activities because of performance issues with larger files.

The classic Excel Application Scope does work normally and fast, but misses some features I am using with the moden design.

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