(Modern) Combining all the recorders into one was a mistake

Combining them took away control, options, and features. Give us back the individual recorders. Having specific things designed for specific types of automation is good. Trying to bundle it all together takes control away from us.

@postwick you can easily go back to the Classic experience:

  • go to Project Settings
  • switch the Modern Design Experience to off
  • once the project is restarted, all the individual recorders are back and you can use them

Moreover, if you want to also disable the Modern experience for new projects, you can go to Studio->Home->Settings ->Design and switch the ‘Use Modern for new projects’ flag to No.

May I know what options and features are missing from Modern, making this experience undesirable for you? Thanks

The Native Citrix recorder allowed me to easily do image based clicks and other activities, including easily designating offsets. The new combined recorder doesn’t handle Citrix well.

And downgrading isn’t a good thing to have to recommend.

What exactly is the Modern recorder missing on Citrix? It’s important to pinpoint the gaps so we can fill them. Designating offsets is one click away, as I explained here.

It’s not downgrading that I’m recommending. All the Classic and Modern capabilities (activities, recorders, wizards) are there, available in the same UIAutomation.Activities package. You can choose which experience you want to use, the one that responds the best to your need and preference. By simply setting the aforementioned display/filtering options.

But could you tell us more about your experience? What did you try and failed?

Because while the functionality is there (as far as I can tell, because you’re not confirming any of our solutions), maybe you’re not the only one who misses them by accident

The overall issue is that wizards (the old style) are good because they walk you through it. Take the old Citrix recorder, you had a little window that let you choose what you wanted to do (click, text, image, etc) and then configure that activity on the fly. The new way tries to be too smart, making it less intuitive and less controllable.

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