Modal or modeless Selector Editor


Dear Studio users,

We are working on some enhancements to Selector Editor and we wanted to ask your opinion when it comes to Modal vs. Modeless (Non-modal) windows. More details on the difference here

The question pertains to Selector Editor window. Currently the behavior of this window is modal. Do you have any preference?

  • Modal
  • Non-modal / Modeless

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I lean toward Modeless usually, so I can look at information while the editor is open to reference other parts of the workflow. But, I haven’t had a big issue with the current modal behavior either.



I agree with Clayton. I almost always prefer modeless, but can deal with it either way


Added a poll so we can track results better. Vote away!


Poll is good, but please also comment. We also want to understand why each option is better.


Modeless, same as Clayton said - being able to lookup other parts is useful while editing.


I can’t see any advantages from having modal windows, so I’d prefer non-modal.



To the people that voted for a Modal editor, could you tell us the reasons for your choice? I only see reasons posted for making it non-modal.