Mock Testing: Prevent Variables & Arguments Change in Mocked Process

Hello @ThomasStocker,

first of all, I love the Mock Testing capability. It’s so useful for multiple reasons. There’s just one thing that caused quite some confusion when I first used this capability.

The “mocked process” is highlighted as read-only. Nevertheless, the user can change the variables and arguments in the “mocked process” (e.g., change argument’s direction in the “mocked process”).

This suggests that UiPath intends to allow that. But whenever the “real process” is changed in any way, the changes in the “mocked process” are overwritten.

I do agree that these changes should be overwritten, since otherwise it becomes hard to understand where the “mocked process” is different to the “real process”. So, I strongly suggest to prevent the user to make any changes in the variables and arguments section of the “mocked process”.

Best, Emerald.

Thanks for the feedback, @Emerald.

I agree. This should be prevented.

I’ll keep you updated about the progress.

Best, Ingo.

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