Mobile Virtual Device Automation using Studio Pro 2020.10.2

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We are test driving UI Path tool 2020.10.2 Trial Version for Mobile Device Automation. We are new to this tool and got adjoining information from this Forum and some online documentation.
We are using Android Virtual Devices for scripting locally at present. We have stored APK file locally and would use Browser Stack cloud platform at some point in near future.

Current State:

Mobile Device Connection Activity is used in the workflow Xaml files. This activity related configuration data is parsed from an excel sheet. Standalone workflows are working fine at present. Each file has a mobile device connector scope though.

Problem Statement:

We are trying to re-use few workflows to run various larger test scenarios. Calling B.xaml from a parent A.xaml with arguments parsing is not helping, as the mobile device connection activity would reset the application build (even if the connection parameters is identical).
Avoiding the device scope in child xaml hoping an inheritance from parent xaml flow did not work as expected.

Work arounds tried.

  1. Pasting a sequence alone (no child xaml with any Mobile Device connection Scope). This is working but re-usability factor is not achieved as each pasted block is stand alone and change request maintenance may be a problem in the future.

  2. Tried the option of publishing a library nuget and calling this library flow in Test Scenario Workflow. But Mobile Device connection scope closes the application build the moment the library steps are completed, leaving the other steps in main scenario failed.

I hope I am explaining the bottle neck in a legible way.
However, to simplify it further we require to keep the set mobile device connection (which may be called only once via the “UiPath.MobileAutomation.Activities.MobileDeviceConnection” activity → Select connection details) only once and re-use that reference across workflows without closing the application build in virtual device. This option should be maintainable unlike pasting a sequence block copy in various xaml files.

Any suggestion / work around to solve this problem is most appreciated.

Note: Using Object Repository Concept would make Selectors / fuzzy selectors maintenance easier. However workflow reusability is what we are looking for in a mobile automation context.

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You need to reuse Mobile Device Connection objects. Please see Mobile Test Automation : App gets installed for every test case execution - #2 by phaserescu