Mobile Test Automation : App gets installed for every test case execution

It is possible to reuse a connection. On the Mobile Device Connection activity there are 3 important properties that helps with this:

  1. You can create an empty Mobile Device Connection and set the OutputConnection property to some variable. If you set the first Mobile Device Connection Close property to Never then at the end of the execution of that activity, the connection will not close, so it can be reused further.
  2. If you create another connection and you set the InputConnection to the saved variable, that connection will be reused.

Now in order to do this across workflows, you need to have arguments to those workflows in which to pass the common connection and you can use the Invoke workflow activity to invoke those other workflows with the reused connection.

So the main workflow will look like in the image below:

And the invoked workflow will look like below.

Notice the input argument that is used to pass the saved connection.

Make sure that all the Mobile Device Connection activities have the Close property set to Never.

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