Mobile Device Connection - How to continue with the last page?

Hello - I started working on the mobile environment, I use Android Studio and through the MDM I do tests on a website.
The problem is this:
I use Mobile Device Connection, for example I open a login page using a designated work flow and after I go through it, I want to use another work flow, for example looking for a product, the problem is that if I want to use the activities I have to use Mobile Device Connection again and then every time it creates A new connection and does not continue from the same page where the previous WF ended.
I saw that it has a parameter of: close Similar Tabs but even if I mark TRUE or even if not it doesn’t help me
I also saw that there is an entry called: Close and I marked it as NEVER and that didn’t help me either.
Is there any way to continue the previous WF without activating the Mobile Device Connection again?
Thanks for the helpers.

See Mobile Test Automation : App gets installed for every test case execution

It should be what you’re looking for!

Hello dear Cristian
So it is always make reload of the connection ? I use all the options that I mentioned and it always
reload the connection

According yours Link to the explanation - what type should the argument be? It says cannot be a string

Create it with Ctrl+k and will create the variable with the right type. So while you’re in the field, instead of writing the name of the variable, press ctrl+k and enter the new variable name.

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Thank again Dear friend

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