Mobile Device Automation with UiPath Studio (20.4 Community Preview Release)

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Am trying to capture toast message on Android devices. How to do that… please let me know .

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From mobile apps, how to capture the RDP machine. please let me know

Good guidelines. Will be good for those who had sufficient knowledge on Appium.

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I have few queries on uipath mobile automation.

  1. How to automate toast message in Android device

  2. How to capture remote desktop elements in mobile device ?? Like I connected remote machine from my device and I want to automate that remote machine which is there in mobile device?? I see for desktops we have computer vision concept for mobile what do we have???

Please respond…

Hello @Maneesha_de_silva @Christian_Mayer @all some one please respond…

Pre Required As : JAVA 12.0.2 version (Set JAVA_Home Environment )
Download SDK manager : 3.6.0 version (Set Environment )
Download Appium : 1.17.0 version
Sdk manager Download From @step by step mobile device connection given link tool command only
Extract and Rename by Android_Sdk than open cmd change directory
sdk manager " platform tools “” platform; android .28 --sdk_root =till android path _____
Sdk manager "build-tools; 28.0.2 "–sdk root - till android path----

Copy “aapt” and zipalign file from build tools and paste in tools folder …
search adb devices on cmd after connecting mobile to laptop through datacable
and do connection …


This is the new advanced step . i like this mobile automation. :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

Can anyone help with ios automation to setup the device and app using windows machine. I tried with sauce labs devices but the devices are not getting populated for element interaction in UI path

@Christian_Mayer, thank you very much for the explanation. I successfully set up everything, but I have one trouble. I am using emulator and virtual android device with a specific application installed. The problem is that every time when I start the application through “Mobile Device Manager” or via activity “Mobile Device Connection” (using AppPackage/AppActivity) the application is reset and I have to configure it again (setting a password, etc…). Is there a way just to lunch the app and not reset it every time?

Hi Sagar, even I am looking for the some guidance on connecting iOS app through UI path and recording the test scripts through simulator, inspection the elements, executing the test scripts , I am excited to see how the UIPath studio connection gets established with Simulator.

thanks for the info, could you please elaborate the establishing the communication of UIPath studio with the above provided three solutions ?

Hi Chris,

Thanks for sharing the step by step approach.
I am trying to connect by using SauceLabs cloud URL and getting the following error.
"Failed serving request POST /wd/hub/session: UNAUTHORIZED"
Do you have any idea, how to fix this? I am using the same APK as mentioned by you.

Thanks in advance.

I hope we can but for this, you need to install Android Studio and set up the SDK, you have to connect the device through usb and enable the developer mode, then get the device id through the command-prompt (adb devices), pass the device id and name in Device connection capabilities and give a try

Refer this for complete setup:


Getting the below error in uipath as well as appium

Followed but getting the below error even try to change my device also,

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I can use Appium desktop to start a session. But when using Uipath mobile device manager to create a connection, I encounter this issue.

Please help me.

Hi, I am getting the below error
Connect: A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. The server was not found or was not accessible. Verify that the instance name is correct and that SQL Server is configured to allow remote connections. (provider: Named Pipes Provider, error: 40 - Could not open a connection to SQL Server)

Good Day @Christian_Mayer

I am not sure if this thread is the right place to ask below questions. My apologies if I this is not related.

I say this because I am using a different version of UI Path for Mobile Device Automation namely Studio Pro 2020.10.2 Enterprise Trial License. We are doing a test drive of the tool and We are new to the tool and forum.

I am giving links below for your reference where the questions are detailed.

Please suggest options if the questions are valid to the community license version as well and if the solution / work around is similar in nature.



Hi, is this working with andriod Emulator ?

This might help for gaming purposes