MLSkill: Invalid Uri: The format of Uri could not be determied


I’m getting below error while trying to utilize ML Skill using MLSkill activity in studio:
MLSkill: Invalid Uri: The format of Uri could not be determied


as per error the url you provided is wrong in the ml skill url field



The ML Skill Activity requires the URL. Refer to the following document Public Endpoints URL which you can use in your ML Skill activity.
Document Understanding - Public Endpoints (

Activities - ML Skill (

Hi @Mohan_Reddy , @Anil_G ,

thanks for your response.
I’m using Robot method to connect and not URL/endpoint, the error says uri and not URL (just to avoid confusion).


can you show a screenshot


This issue is resolved now. Let me explain how the issue caused and how I resolved so it may help other people if they’re also facing the same issue.

First I created the ML Skill and kept Public option as disabled, then I enabled it by editing the ML Skill, after that (making ML skill public) it was showing endpoint/url but URL was not proper (missing http:// or http://) due to which it was throwing the error)

Deleted the ML Skill
Created new ML Skill and this time made the public option enable while creating the model

So, while creating the ML Skill only you have to decide to make public or not, don’t change it later.

Thanks !!

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