ML Skill taking too much to deploy

My ML skill is tkaing too much to deploy. Its already been more than a hour , still it is in “Deploying” state. I just wanted to confirm whether sometimes it takes so much time to deploy ?

Hello @Ritaman_Baral, it’s not supposed to take that long, check this out and see if it helps you:

  1. Check Logs: Check the logs and status updates for the deployment process in UiPath AI Center. It might provide insights into any issues or errors causing the delay.
  2. Resource Availability: Ensure that the server or environment where the model is being deployed has sufficient resources (CPU, memory, etc.) to handle the deployment process.
  3. Model Size: Large models with a lot of parameters can take longer to deploy. If possible, consider optimizing your model for deployment or using a smaller subset of features.
  4. Dependencies: Make sure all the necessary dependencies, libraries, and packages required by your model are available and accessible in the deployment environment.
  5. Network Connectivity: Ensure that the environment where the model is being deployed has stable and reliable network connectivity to UiPath AI Center and any external resources.
  6. Retry: If the deployment process seems stuck for an unusually long time, you might consider canceling the deployment and trying again. Sometimes, a retry can resolve issues.

Hi @Ritaman_Baral ,

It does take sometimes longer, but could you verify and let us know if you have AI Units assigned to your tenant ?

how to check that ? please tell me


An AI robot has the capacity to handle either two distinct ML skills simultaneously or to execute one ML task concurrently.

Could you kindly verify if you have indeed deployed two ML skills already? If YES, then please disconnect one of them before attempting to deploy the third one.

@Ritaman_Baral ,

Check the below Steps :

  1. Navigate to your Cloud Account (Assuming you are using the Cloud)
  2. Select your tenant
  3. Click On Licenses
  4. Click on Edit Allocation

In the Left Panel, You should then be able to check the allocated AI Units (Bottom) :

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