ML Skill list index out of range error. Please help

“code”: “InternalServerError”,
“message”: “list index out of range”,
“stacktrace”: " File "/microservice/", line 48, in predict\n item = eval_examples[idx]\nIndexError: list index out of range",
“trace_id”: null,
“reason”: null

I am facing the above error. Please help


Can you please provide more details…like what skill what input etc

as per error the issue seems to be that the dataset is less than expected or the input is less than expected


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Need more info like what activities you are doing?
Seems as though your list/array is empty.


ML Packages/Out of the box Packages/ Language Comprehension/QuestionAnswering

The above is the ML Package. I have given the input paragraph and asked a question from the Paragraph. I have stored the output response in the Variable, And this variable holds the above error that I mentioned in my Key Question.

Hi Sai Charan,

Did you find any solution for the above error?


The error message you provided indicates that there’s an “IndexError” with the message “list index out of range.” This typically means that you are trying to access an element in a list using an index that is outside the valid range of indices for that list.