ML Skill activity(s) now showing up in Studio web (Enterprise pro trail) 22_10

Using Pro trail online/cloud account. Published a custom ML Model, published it in AI Center and created Skills in AI Center. Shows up in ML Skills as valid and Deployed.
However when using the studio web (pro trail account) – dont see any ML Skill activity to use in the studio flow. Cannot see the category of ML Skill activity. I understand in standalone Studio (non cloud, non web) version you need add a package to see and add an ML Activity. But in Studio web/cloud dont see any option to add a package.


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Can you try searching for extract documents activity and check if the ML Skill is available under that


Extract document activity doesnt show any of the ML Skills. I dont think thats activity is meant for ML Skills.

I think there are limitation on what Studio web supports today. in standalone version of studio the documentation says → Add the ML Skill package and simply drag and drop studio web.

Unfortunately there is no documentation on how to do that on studio web version and neither does it explicitly call that out as unsupported on studio web.
About ML Skills.

  • Installed UiPath.MLServices.Activities package from the Manage Packages menu in UiPath Studio.

No mention of Studio Web/Cloud usage. On how to install MLServices Activities on Studio Web.


I. Studio web you cannot install…Already whatever is there would be available…if it is not shown under that menu …then yes as of now it is not available