ML Skill activity is throwing GetWebSettings failed error

I have successfully deployed ML skills to Orchestrator. But when I try to consume the ML skills from Studio , I am getting following error.

Error: UiPath.MLServices.BaseException: GetWebSettings failed, reason: statusCode: Unauthorized

I am using enterprise UiPath 2019.10.1 version and have enterprise Orchestrator too.
Can somebody please help what I am missing.



Hi Sunil

Is your assistant connected to the Orchestrator? If yes could you please send a screenshot of orchestrator settings for the robot?
Also are you behing a firewall blocking any of these urls: ?


Hi Jeremy,

I have UiPath robot not virtual assistant. Here is the Orchestrator settings screenshot. (If machine name & key are required, pls let me know)


I can connect to Orchestrator by disabling VPN. I can access to all of the above URLs.


Looks like Orchestrator url is wrong, you need to add account and tenant name:

Basically the entire url before “/aifabric_” if you access AI Fabric from your browser:

Thank you very much Jeremy. It is working now. With this my another doubt is also cleared.

PS: Earlier with cloud url(, we were able to connect to Orchestrator, then I got doubt why again we have to mention the account and tenant name. Now I understood it is mandatory to connect to AI fabric skills.

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