[ML Extractor ] Validation Station - View as Text


I was trying to process some sample receipts using the InvoicesReceipts Extractor - Demo workflow, and got rather curious about the ‘View as Text’ output in the Validation Station. Initially, I thought that the “View as Text” output would be reflected as the ML Extractor string output for the target fields (on the left side of the validation pane), but didn’t turn out that way.

Original receipt:

"View as Text" Output

MLExtractor Output

I also tried tweaking the OCR Engine in the ‘Digitize Document’ block (tried processing the same set of sample receipts with Microsoft and Tesseract OCRs), and sure enough the ‘View as Text’ output changed, but the ML Extractor output remained the same.

Digitize Document block

Anyone knows why? Thanks!

Did you ever resolve the mechanics between extractionResults and DocumentText input from the Digitze Document activity? I’m curious as I’ve finally had some time to start digging into this. Not sure if this is/was a bug that changed with later updates.