ML Extractor API Key

I just went through the invoice processing tutorial on the Academy, but unable to get the school solution to run because of an API key issue using the ML Extractor. I used the one in the download, then went to find one connected to my account, but was unable to locate where to find it. The layout of the platform has changed so it may be tucked away somewhere, but I can’t find it!

@ChrisC Kindly show me your dashboard of → admin → licenses → Robot and services.

you may understand through this but if not. I can further guide you.

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Well, I revisited this page as you suggested (which I had been to several times) and an option had appeared to generate a new APIKey, so if you were responsible for this then many thanks!

@ChrisC Kindly mark it as solution if it helps you. So that other people can also take benefit from it :slight_smile:


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