ML Classification Activity with Confidence Score as Asset

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I am using ML Classification activity for Classify document, for Confidence score I need to use Asset, so that the value can be configuarable anyone knows whether its possible, as I checked & I am not able to replace that numeric value either by variable or by arguments.

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You can increase the confidence score by training but you cannot change the confidence score.


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Hi @avinash_ghanwat1 ,

We can check the classification results and check the confidence of the classification like below :

in_ClassificationResultsArray.Any(function(cRes) CDec(cRes.Confidence) <= CDec(minConfidenceThreshold)

Here, minConfidenceThreshold is a variable containing the value from the Asset and in_ClassificationResultsArray is the output of Classify Document Scope activity.

The above expression could also be found in the Document Understanding Template.

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