Missing UiPath.Script.Activities - Where can this be found?

Continuing the discussion from Can't find dependencies UiPath.Script.Activities in Studio 2019.4.3:

I want to integrate Autohotkey scripts into my UiPath workflow. I cannot find the UiPath.Script.Activities in Studio 2022.4.1 or in the Manage Packages search. The link mentioned above is outdated.

Can you tell me where I might find the UiPath.Script.Activities?

Hello @grosner ,

If you are trying to encrypt,decrypt kind of actions can you search for Cryptography.

Do you have the myget.org feed selected in Manage Packages/Settings? Is your environment (ie firewall, proxy, etc) blocking access to myget.org?

Thank you but that version is from 2016, or about 6 years ago. Is there a version that is more current and compatible with UiPath?

@ Rahul_Unnikrishnan: I am specifically interested in AutoHotkey. I believe this is unrelated to Crytography.

The point to posting that is to show that myget.org is the feed it exists in. That’s why I asked if something in your environment is preventing Studio from accessing the myget.org feed.

Thank you. Yes I have MyGet and it is not blocked.