Missing or invalid activity

When i try to transfer my workflow from local to VM, it is showing some missing or invalid activity eventhough i update all the required packages… But i am finding the invalid portions in some particular activities(click,typeinto,element exist etc) inside another application other than browser. The application in VM is different version from local machine. So can anyone provide a solution for this?


thats the issue
ensure that all the uipath activity package that you have in your local machine is there in the VM
you can get that from C:/ProgramData/UiPath/Packages

ensure that the package is version is same as well if not we need to upgrade or downgrade accordingly in the package manage option inthe studio

Cheers @soorya_prasad

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Hi @Palaniyappan The packages are same version. The Application version is different but the screens are same…so can we do anything in uipath without updating the external application?


Yah sometimes when the external application changes we will be facing selector issues
In that case there are two choices either the process with selector using activities must reselect those elements or
We should have build the workflow with send hot key as that doesn’t depend on selectors
More like using keyboard without mouse

Cheers @soorya_prasad

Hi @Palaniyappan Actually it is not showing the activities… It is showing that the activity is invalid or missing even i use hotkeys too…

we need to make sure that the default project dependencies like
and the above two package versions are same in both the machines

Cheers @soorya_prasad

Hi, @Palaniyappan The manage package activities are same in both machines. The only thing is Uipath is different version and the external app used for automation is also different version.