Missing FTP activities

Hello everyone,

I have downloaded the FTP activities package but suprisingly some activities are missing. For example, I do not have the Create Directory activity neither the Open FTP Session activity (see attached screenshot).

Can anyone help ? Indeed, Create Directory activity will be very helpful for what I am developing.

Thank you.



HI @QuentinPrevost,

Please verify it that you have installed the below package.

  • Close the Studio. and go to the %Temp% directory. Delete the folder called “nuget”.
  • Reopen the studio . Check it if it exists.

  • Another one is , Try to open the studio run as administrator.

  • The final , If you are not able to manage it. try to reinstall the studio.


HI @QuentinPrevost, have you found a solution? I have encoutred the same problem. I have a VM and can only see limited number of actions and the ones I see have limited propreties. Have you managed to solve this? Thank you!

Dear all

Any solution for this issue i have the same i can’t see open FTP

and also i try to delete “nuget” and Run studio as administrator.

but still the same