Missing characters in type into activity


In an automating Oracle flexcube based application, I have to type something into application window text box, i am using type into activity to type the name, account number,phone in text box. but the thing is type into activity missing some of character at the beginning some time.i saw the solution using set text activity, but i dont want to use set text activity.
right now i am using only type into and send hotkey activity to fill the oracle application text box as
“JOHN[k(tab)]”, send hotkey, “12378945695[k(tab)]”, send hotkey etc like this. but type into some time missing character at the beginning of the characters. This is oracle based application, so i have to use only keyboard activity to avoid selection problem.


Hi @rag
In TYpe into activity are you able to see click before typing check that property and set the timeout msdefault as 3000

Ashwin S

Hi Thanks for replying,

i can see the click before typing property, i will try and let you know.