Missing activity inside the Retry

Hello there,

While opening the project created in the Studio 2019.8 into Studio 2019.4.3, the UIEelementExists activity is coming as missing or invalid activity withing the retry activity.
Below is the error output:

Type 'http://schemas.microsoft.com/netfx/2009/xaml/activities:InArgument(WaitForReady)' is not assignable to type 'http://schemas.uipath.com/workflow/activities:WaitForReady' of member 'WaitForReady'. Row: 149, Column: 30

what is wrong here?

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kindly downgrade the uiautomation.activities package in project dependencies tab in manage packages menu in design tab of studio
this usually occurs when we move with upgraded studio version

Cheers @RajeshSwarnkar

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Hi @RajeshSwarnkar,

There are few changes in 'UiPath Studio 2019.8’ version. Please ‘Install’ or ‘Update’ your project dependencies.
According to the screenshot provided by you, looks like the activity is not there.

Thanks & Regards,

@Palaniyappan Ok, I tried to downgrade to uiautomation.activities package to 19.4.1 with lowest applicable version, but still this does not works and same error. Tried deleting project.json and reloading, still no help.

I see the developmental studio has the uiautomation.activities package version as 19.8-ce

It seems i have to copy paste activities manually :fearful: :cry:

Can I do better?

keep the project dependencies with the same version that we had when created with the same pacakge version in previous studio

downgrading the package version will work for sure buddy

Cheers @RajeshSwarnkar

Hi, I have updated and equaled all the packages on the UAT Studio (19.4.3) and Dev Studio (19.8)
But issue still persists.

Pl. have a look. (Please help as I can’t do rework, it will be very tedious and error prone to make changes to all the element properties. )

I guess the only the issue causing package is 2019.8-ce. I am getting error with with 2019.7 as well.
Is there a workaround to manually edit xaml files to circumvent the manual rework?

Or Is there a way to force push the 2019.8-ce package on the UAT Studio? @loginerror

Hi @RajeshSwarnkar

Unfortunately, this scenario is not supported:
UAT Studio (19.4.3) and Dev Studio (19.8)

Studio CE is free, but at a cost of auto-updates. We cannot guarantee that projects made with newer Studio will run on the older Robot, simply because older Robot does not ‘understand’ the new features.
In this case, I think new schema for the files introduced in 2019.7 made the workflows created with CE higher than that version not working on older Robots.

This cannot be fixed by simply installing the correct packages, because the structure of XAML files was changed between the stable Enterprise 2019.4.3 and the current latest stable Community Edition 2019.8.

Unfortunately, the way to retrieve the project is to develop them on the Studio version matching your production environment robot (which is always the best practice).

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