Missing Activites after System Restore!

Hi All,

after i had some technical problems in my laptop i decided to use System Restore before my last windows (10) update , then many activities has just disappeared :ex. for each, move file …

i tried : updating/installing packages ,unstalling uipath completely then reinstalled , different versions … but no clues …, hope you can help me… , thanks alot …


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Can you share some screens?


Thanks a lot friend, sure , please find the attached pics :slight_smile:
uipath3 ![uipath2|690x387]

thanks friend @Srini84 ,



Can you check the Packages and try to update if there is an update

share the screens too, from project->project dependencies screens too


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@Srini84 thanks alot , the problem is solved now , actually i did that by steps shown in the attached picture ,
best wishes :smiley:


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