Missed choose develop language option when choose Robotic Enterprise Framework or Process to create project by UiPath Studio


When I click “Robotic Enterprise Framework” to create a new prject in UiPath Studio Community (v2021.4.4) , it has no option to let me choose develop language.

Do you know how to fix this issue?


Same issue in Process

Can you check that you have selected studio pro profile?

In the Studio Pro profile, when you create a new project, you can choose either VB or C#. VB is the language selected by default, but you can set C# as the default language for new projects by going to Home (Studio Backstage View) > Settings > Design . Please note that C# projects can only be opened from the Studio Pro profile.

Thanks, Peter.

Yeah, I changed the User profile to UiPath Stuio Pro and restart it, it can work now.

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