Minute Plus Lag Between For Each Row Actions

I’ve got a lovely bot that populates a data table with some object IDs and associated filenames, goes to a reporting website, enters a start & end date, then kicks off a For Each Row loop to provide an object ID (from my data table) into a field, clicks a download button, saves the resultant Excel file with the associated filename and then should go back to the object ID field, load the next object ID from my data table etc. for the 15 rows.

It all works great – except it’s taking minutes to go from the end of the save as process and back up to the next “fill in the object ID” and then additionally oddly long time to click the download button . It took 43 minutes to go through 16 cycles.

Is there something I’m missing? The For Each Row ends after hitting “save” on the Save As dialogue and goes back up to the “Get row item” (x2) to populate my variables for the next trip through.

Do you have an example of the flow we could take a look at? There’s a few possibilities but it’s easier to narrow done if you can upload an example.

Thanks :smile: