Minute Plus Lag Between For Each Row Action

I’ve got a lovely bot that populates a data table with some object IDs and associated file names, goes to a report site, enters a start and end date, then tapes a loop For each row to provide an object ID (from my data) to a field, click the download button, save the Excel file associated with the associated file name, and then return to the object ID field. , load the next object ID from my data table for 15 rows.

It works very well - except it takes a few minutes to go from the end of the save process to the process and go back to “fill in the object ID” next and then add a long time to click on the download button. down. It takes 43 minutes to go through 16 cycles.

Is there something I’m missing? For each row end after clicking “save” on the Save As dialog box and go to “Get Line Item” (x2) to enter my variables for the next trip.

are there write lines in your loops? write lines writes to a textfile, if there are write line activities in the for each nested loops, it will take a very long time.

even a single writeline inside a nested for each loop will delay a 3min RPA to 20~30mins.

CPU is significantly faster than your harddisk. write line writes to harddisk, while the rest of the program is ran on CPU.